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  • Tori Morales

    Tori Morales

    I am an autistic college student writing about mental health, autism, and social issues. I focus on expanding autistic pride and community. Follow my journey!

  • Ono Mergen

    Ono Mergen

    Environmental scientist. Rethinking culture, future, equality, science, and the climate emergency. 🌍 Sustainability, Branding πŸ“§ For projects: ono@onoceans.com

  • Diana J

    Diana J

    Diana J Poliniak is an educator, writer, mom, LGBTQIA+ ally, and voracious reader. She lives in Pennsylvania with her family. Twitter: @dianajaclyn33

  • Jack Shepherd

    Jack Shepherd

    Formerly editorial director @BuzzFeed. Currently editor @Tenderly and writer at large. Email: JackAShepherd at gmail

  • Ashlea McKay

    Ashlea McKay

    Autistic. Writer. Keynote speaker. Quirk monster. Note: This account is not currently being monitored.

  • Charlotte Van den Bogaert

    Charlotte Van den Bogaert

    Neurodivergent student with a passion for visual storytelling. Writing is new and scary to me. Testing the waters here. Let me know what you think!

  • Professional Autie

    Professional Autie

    I’m an executive leader in the Australian technology and design industry, who was diagnosed as autistic and ADHD at age 41 in 2021.

  • Lisa Marie

    Lisa Marie

    College instructor who writes about life, pop culture, and growing up working-class.

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